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About me


Image_21My name is Mirabelle. I was born and grew up in Kursk, Russia, a city that I like to call a Russian version of Boston. Both cities have a lot of things in common: its population is close in number, there are lots of music events, concerts and talented people around, both have music colleges and many art schools and overall life is pretty comfortable in terms of “not-as-noisy-and-disturbing” as their neighbors Moscow and New York, respectively.

First 19 years of my life were spent in Kursk studying music/art/English in Art School (in Russia it’s called Dvorets Pionerov (“The Palace of Pioneers”) – an organization focused on bringing up and helping to develop skills of young talented people in spheres of music, art and dance) and later graduating from Kursk Music College as Choir Director. I’ve spent a lot of time studying classical music which continues to influence me the most in everything I do. Later on, I discovered jazz and rock, started playing with bands and broaden my horizons as a young performer. The first metal record I listened to was Aria’s “Igra s ognem” (“Play with fire”) and I instantly fell in love with this genre of music. Aria became one of my biggest inspirations in writing my own music. Soon the bands like Evanescence, Muse, Nightwish and Kamelot came into my life and stayed, although it’s impossible to mention all the artists/bands that influenced me and shaped me into a musician I am and the list would be very long. :)

My first big leap into unknown happened in 2007 after being accepted with full funding in Moscow State University of Culture and Arts where I studied acting and show production. 2 years later in May 2009 I moved to New York City where I continue to pursue a career in music.

There are so many things I’d wish to mention in my bio but then it’d be extremely long. :) So I hope you stay tuned and follow my blog. Mirabelle xxx


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