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Today I had a privilege to see one of my favorite bands Rasputina playing live at Highline Ballroom. The band that doesn’t fit into any particular music category just nailed what they call “cello rock” songs again. Seeing them for the third time (the past two shows were at Irving Plaza and the City Winery) and they can’t stop surprising their audience more and more. The front lady Melora Creager – a classically trained cello player – brings a different spin on popular rock anthems as well as fantastic originals. Her band mate Daniel De Jesus that plays cello as well is a very charismatic and talented musician. The girl on drums (sorry, but neither Wikipedia nor official Rasputina web-site indicates the name of their current drummer) did a great job too adding her voice to complete a wonderful trio. Rasputina is a band like you’ll never hear anywhere else. They are not your typical “record label” material. Wearing Victorian era corsets with dreadlocks as well as being really outspoken, funny and witty is not something modern Top 40 radio-friendly artists can be proud of. And that’s exactly what brings all the beautiful people together in one room to have a night of love, fun and cello rock.
One of the most surprising things that I’ve encountered the moment I stepped inside the venue is that there was no standing room. The usually standing room was now a big restaurant with servers ready to help you navigate through the menu. It felt quite surreal to actually be sitting at a rock gig but it was nice. The crowd consisting of people from all possible backgrounds and of different ages was very happy and excited to see the band.
One of the many reasons I come back to see Rasputina each time they play in New York is how extraordinary funny and smart of a host Melora is. Nowadays this is a very rare case not just in rock music but in our society in general. Many people take themselves too seriously or just aren’t being honest. Well, Melora is and she is wonderful at it. (Go, Melora!)
The other thought that just popped into my head was how nice it would be if Rasputina played a gig with Emilie Autumn. They have so many things in common yet they are unique in what they’re doing.
If you haven’t checked Rasputina already, then please do because they are no less than a force to be reckoned with. M xxx

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