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So I’ve decided to write in my blog only when there’s something I want to say instead of making it a routine and “having” to put the words on paper (in this case world-wide-web).
Today is one of those days. I just came home from a phenomenal gig. It doesn’t happen very often when your feet hurt from all the jumping and neck from head banging. This time the band was TesseracT. Check them out guys, if you haven’t already. This band went from playing a small venue in Saint Vitus Bar in NY last year to selling out almost all the shows during their North American tour this year including Irving Plaza in New York. I won’t be surprised if next year they will get to play much bigger clubs and theaters because their fan base grows strong with every day.
I can’t explain all the emotions I felt during Tesseract performance. Their music can only be described as ECSTATIC and if you want to have a time of your life, make sure you don’t miss their next show! The lead singer Ashe O’Hara proved to be a real trooper and pulled off a great performance despite still recovering from being sick. At the very beginning of the show when he started talking my first thought was: “He’s going to lose his voice by the end of the gig”, that’s how raspy it was but 1 hour later and Ashe still sounded just perfect! He also showed up by the merch booth at the end of the gig and was very nice to all the fans. It is a very rare case to find. Usually headlining acts charge extra $$$ for meet’n’greet, let alone come by to say hi to their fans after the show. Fortunately not Tesseract. :)
Keep your eye on these guys because they’re going to be huge.

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