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Body’s sore, neck hurts and ears are still ringing-the indication that last night was fun! And yes, indeed, Kobra and the Lotus show at The Studio at Webster Hall was nothing less!
The metal band’s that currently on tour with no less then Def Leppard and Kiss proved that they can nail a headlining gig like real pros. Kobra Paige-the front woman and the main writer in the band-did an outstanding job. The energy was phenomenal! All the members of the band were hanging around before and after the show which was a pleasant surprise given their current status and place in a metal industry. No “VIP” charges or special meet’n’greet’s, just come, say hi and chat as long as you want. That’s what I’m talking about! \m/
It was a pleasant surprise to have Kobra and the Lotus finally headline in New York City. 15 songs from their self-titled and “High Priestess” album and they nailed them all!
It was really nice to chat with each member of the band. Kobra shared her gear preferences, Brad told us the stories from the road and both Jasio and Jake were very easy-going and friendly people.
Go and check them out if you haven’t yet because surely next year these guys will headline much bigger stages.


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